Thursday, 10 July 2014


On first inspection Haroon Mirza’s exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art could be confused with the set of a sci-fi film with light and sound colliding as you enter the gallery space. Are Jee Bee? is in fact a site specific work in response to the architecture and environment of the IMMA. Utilising objects from the preceding Eileen Gray exhibition, Mirza has layered and manipulated sound, light and video to create an installation that plays to the spectators sensibility.

The title of the exhibition Are Jee Bee? is a nod to the colours red, green and blue, used in the RGB model to display images in electronic systems. There is a feeling of contrast present in both Mirza’s work and the gallery space; while IMMA’s white cube interior contrasts with it’s own 17th century exterior, Mirza has echoed these contrasts in his work, System, which interrupts the former Eileen Gray exhibition with pulses of LED light and sound. System is a reference to the Dublin nightclub of the same name which was at the forefront of the 90s music scene in the city. Mirza’s work is heavily influenced by house music. System also features a re-imagining of Björk’s famed YouTube video, during which she describes how she thinks a television works.

Are Jee Bee? is an all encompassing sensory experience, the work takes the viewer on a rhythmic reverie that far outlives the walls of the IMMA. 


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